Chronic Pain Video

You Can Feel Better, Worse, or No Different: Ending Chronic Pain and Symptoms

Tell me, how’s it going on your path to ending chronic pain and symptoms? Do you feel better? Worse? No different?
During my 25 years as a chiropractor, I would tell every new patient that after their first visit, they might feel better, worse, or no different, and that any of those outcomes was considered normal.
The same thing is true when you embark down the mind-body path. Initially, you may feel better, worse, or no different.
As much as you want your pain and symptoms to go away right now, don’t get attached to your outcome. You’re unwinding years of patterns that got wired into your nervous system. Trust the process, and don’t give up.

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This video is for information purposes only. It is not medical or chiropractic advice nor does it establish a patient-provider relationship. Enjoy and learn!

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