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Yoga For Chronic Pain | Muscle Tension & Headache Relief | Ana Loza

Join me for a 35 Minute class to help relieve chronic pain. Yoga can help with pain management by promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and improving flexibility and strength. Certain yoga poses and breathing techniques can also release tension in specific areas of the body, easing discomfort. Additionally, yoga encourages mindfulness, which can change how the brain perceives pain over time, leading to better pain management. Consistency is key!

Video Title: Yoga For Chronic Pain | Muscle Tension & Headache Relief | Ana Loza

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Years ago, life’s stress affected my body and mind. That stress took the form of nose bleeds, lasting on and off for about a year. Doctors couldn’t help me, nor did the gym or changing my diet. I joined Yoga, and my nosebleeds stopped. Yoga has since been a very necessary part of my life. Yoga is a path through life’s journey!

Whether it’s using yoga to heal Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD), managing stress and trauma, or simply exercising to maintain your body and mind, yoga is a magical way to do that. Here, we couple movement with breath. Please do not push your body; listen to it and move accordingly.

In the sanctuary, we unapologetically bring our whole selves to the mat. Be compassionate and speak love into your body.

See you on the mat!

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