Chronic Pain Video

Women for Women’s 2024 DocTalk – “Rethinking, and Relieving, Chronic Pain”

In Canada, roughly a quarter of the entire Canadian population experiences some form of chronic pain. For many of these people, the pain is severe enough to be disabling—yet how often do we hear about the impacts of pain? And what research exists to solve it? The answer is hardly any. Our healthcare system’s current approach to pain management is highly fragmented, resulting in poor outcomes for patients and healthcare costs totalling more than $40 billion in 2019 alone.

And it doesn’t help that for decades, women have been told that pelvic pain is simply a “women’s problem.” An invisible issue that exists out of sight, out of mind in our healthcare system. But it isn’t, and it’s time we do something about it.

Dr. Tania Di Renna is at the forefront of teaching caregivers, medical students, and patients how to manage pain—and the importance of doing so. In a talk that explores the healthcare system’s historical disposition towards women and their pain, Dr. Di Renna will provide critical information on how to understand pain, dispel myths around the idea of “gendered issues,” and provide advice on how we might put out the fire that is pain.

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