Chronic Pain Video

Why I’m Such A Foot Nerd – From Chronic Pain To Barefoot Hiker W/Gregory Stern


Chief Foot Officer/Owner of From the Ground Up Physiotherapy

My name is Greg Stern and I am the owner of From the Ground Up Physiotherapy. I help people get to the root cause of their pain by teaching people to move their entire body in new ways to wake up dormant muscles and movement patterns. Rather than solely focusing on the site of pain, I teach the body to work and give the site of pain a chance to recover, as it now can work together with the body rather than against it. With From the Ground Up, my chief mission is to help guide people through their own path of self-discovery on their health journeys and guide people to not only be pain-free but to thrive in their everyday lives. I help people see injuries are not only a process of recovery but discovery; an opportunity to learn, be curious, better understand your body, correct issues, improve efficiency and performance, and tap into potential you never knew you had!

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