Chronic Pain Video

Who’s Dat Phat Girl : The Podcast – Empowering Yourself through Chronic Pain with Mandy Ryle

I’m taking y’all behind the scenes of my podcast and I’m opening up my voiceover studio (aka my closet, complete with too many scarves and bras) because people make videos of podcasts, right? And a few friends / fellow listeners suggested I do this.

************************SEASON 3 EPISODE 6********************************
I’ve you’ve ever experienced chronic pain (which is most likely, considering over 51 million Americans experienced chronic pain just last year) then you know is a real pain in the YOU KNOW WHAT.

Today, I’m speaking with Mandy Ryle, a Chronic Pain Specialist and a Certified Nutritionist.
Mandy has been a movement instructor for nearly two
decades and it is her mission is to empower individuals challenged by persistent pain to reclaim their vitality and independence. Mandy takes a holistic approach that
combines nervous system re-education, mindset cultivation, nutrition coaching and exercise in order to help her clients move through their pain.

I shed some (kinda unexpected) tears today when I talk with Mandy about her pain journey, my pain journey and those of her clients.

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