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What the hell is chronic pain! | Guided by Kai |

The conversation explores the impact of disability on mental health, the perception of disability, the use of humor and dark comedy, the journey in the music industry, and the transition to future plans. The conversation explores the challenges of relatability and social content, the struggle of seeking recognition while remaining authentic, and the importance of tailoring messages to different audiences. It also delves into the dangers of echo chambers and the need to reach beyond the disabled community. The discussion then shifts to coping with chronic pain, emphasizing the importance of understanding the psychological and social aspects of pain management. Overall, the conversation highlights the need for individualized approaches to managing pain and the importance of self-awareness in navigating personal experiences and identities. In this conversation, Kai and Charlie discuss the journey of managing chronic pain and the importance of seeking support. They explore the concept of taking responsibility for one’s pain and the role of psychological support in managing chronic pain. They also discuss the Flipping Pain campaign and Kai’s work with Guided by Kai. The conversation touches on the challenges of being a young advocate and the impact of invisible disabilities. They also delve into the pitfalls of overpathologizing mental health and the role of self-diagnosis. The conversation concludes with information on where to find Guided by Kai’s work.
Disability can have a significant impact on mental health, but individuals react differently to their experiences.
The perception of disability varies, and it is important to recognize that everyone’s journey is unique.
Humor and dark comedy can be coping mechanisms for individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges.
The music industry can provide a platform for disabled creators and musicians to express themselves and connect with others.
Transitioning to new goals and plans is a natural part of life, and it is important to embrace new opportunities and challenges. Seeking psychological support is crucial for managing chronic pain and the associated mental health issues.
Taking responsibility for one’s pain is an important step in the journey of managing chronic pain.
There are various resources and tools available, such as books and apps, that can help individuals in managing their pain.
The Flipping Pain campaign and Guided by Kai aim to change the way people think about and view persistent pain.
It is important to take control of one’s health and explore holistic approaches to managing pain.
Young advocates play a crucial role in raising awareness and providing representation for those with chronic pain.

Invisible disabilities often face a lack of recognition and understanding.
Overpathologizing mental health can lead to the loss of individual agency and resilience.
Self-diagnosis can be a helpful starting point, but it is important to seek professional guidance for accurate diagnosis and support.
Accepting and coping with mental health challenges is a personal journey that requires self-awareness and resilience.

00:00 Intro00:47 Who is Kai?
01:16 Journey Through Life
09:23 How I Flipped my Life
12:41 Impact of 3 failed surgeries on my Mental Health
15:41 How are you so Happy Charlie
18:12 Being Born Disabled and Becoming Disabled
23:51 Political Correctness
25:34 Musical Career
34:23 Your Music came from your trauma
40:55 Psychology Issues
43:55 What to know about Chronic Pain
49:10 Disabled Working out
51:29 CP Talk
56:26 How to manage Chronic Pain
01:03:47 Flippin Pain
01:09:31 I Choose when I’m in pain
01:12:03 Control your life as much as you can
01:15:44 Why is everything a Condition
01:18:38 Self Diagnosis
01:25 :35 Where to find Kai

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