Chronic Pain Video

What Patients With Pain REALLY Want From Health Professionals!

It was great to catch up with Lee, who lives with persistent pain, on what health professionals can do to make their appointments with patients with pain more meaningful and impactful.

Main takeaway: the importance of *listening* by a healthcare professional should not be undervalued. This is the number 1 thing people often report they want at an initial appointment. Without understanding someone’s journey and what they value, making an individualised plan is impossible.


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I’m Mahin, an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist and Independent Prescriber specialising in Pain Management, working in the West Midlands, UK.

I started The Wellness Puzzle to help people live a life full of enjoyment and experiences, with the freedom of knowing their health or pain will not be a barrier, in the same way I have helped many of my patients.

Outside of work as a Physio and The Wellness Puzzle, I love travelling, coffee, cricket, creating new experiences with the people close to me and keeping active.

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