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What is acute low back pain?

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Acute low back pain is really just new onset back pain. Or low back pain that has not been hurting you for more than three to six months.

The newer the pain is, the more likely you are to get relief from treatment. Hopefully your pain started just a few days ago and you are seeking out a physical therapist who can assess and treat your low back pain. A physical therapist will take care of your pain and get you back to your optimal functioning within a couple weeks.

Optimal functioning is important because by ignoring the underlying issues, you set yourself up for a new episode of acute low back pain. Additionally, you do not want to let acute low back pain or new low back pain get into chronic pain. The quicker you can treat pain the better.

Most states now have direct access to physical therapy. Go see a physical therapist without going to your doctor first. Get out of pain. Regain your full strength. Do not let back pain become chronic, old, or lingering.