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** This is a nonintentional ASMR chiropractic adjustment video with many, many spinal manipulations, adjustments, osteopathic stuff too, and spinal decompression like the ring dinger and Y strap, I don’t use a y strap often. I do use it with acute cervical disc stuff. still, though, massive cracks, cracking of the neck, back, hips… pretty much every joint, all for the addicts, and the ASMR folk, and the people looking for relief from pain and in this case low back pain, and the people who like extreme…Now it also seems highly valued, that spinal exam/ palpation/ tone video… I make these videos to help people, relax, get relaxing, and tingle from the loud, deep, intense, chiropractic cracks that fix, help, and make people feel better, good, and their best, it’s just awesome, unbelievable, insane (Insert Sensational Chiropractic Title Here) LOL