Chronic Pain Video

Use Hypnosis to Control Pain

Watch this video to find out how you can learn to use hypnosis for what it was originally designed to do- to control pain. If you know someone who suffers from chronic pain, you need to learn about hypnosis. It is the oldest non-drug proven remedy for pain control. Hypnosis is a state of mind during which the critical factor is bypassed and selective thinking is established. The induction of hypnosis is effortless and unlike with the use of drugs or surgery there are no negative side effects. Pain comes on without effort and hypnosis is effortless. Dr. Bruce Eimer is a clinical psychologist who has successfully treated thousands of chronic pain patients and has been teaching Pain Control Hypnosis to health professionals for over 30 years. Take Dr. Eimer’s 2-day Pain Control Hypnosis Intensive and start helping people to get out of pain. Pain may be mandatory but suffering is optional.