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Upcoming Course: Exploring Chronic Pain through the Feeling Tones (Vedanas) with Christiane Wolf

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SCHEDULE: 6 Week Course
Wednesdays: May 1 – June 12 (skipping May 29) 10:30 am – 12:00pm Pacific
LOCATION: Online via Zoom

Living with chronic pain is a challenge on many different levels. In this 6 week online series we will take a closer look how we can use the Buddhist teachings to help us to not only suffer less but to enjoy life to the fullest while living in an body that is subjected to pain and illness, especially as we are aging.

Using the foundational tools of mindfulness and loving kindness, we will focus in particular on the second foundation of mindfulness, the feeling tones or vedanas. The Buddha taught that all of experience is perceived as either pleasant, unpleasant and neither-pleasant-nor-unpleasant and that how we habitually react to them will increase or decrease our struggle and pain. When we suffer from chronic pain the inborn negativity bias of our brain will hyperfocus on what is unpleasant or painful. But the truth is that pleasant and neutral feeling tones are still part of our experience. We will look at the traditional Buddhist teachings as well as what recent research is showing about pain regulation and perception.

Each week we will spend time exploring the topic through a short talk, reflection, small and big group discussions and a guided practice. During the week you are encouraged to put the shared material into practice so you can fine-tune in class in the Q&A and discussions.