Chronic Pain Video

Untreated Pain Veteran Suicide Crisis! New Study proves the damage of Opioid Prohibition!

The opening Video is from 13wmaz news:

In the last 10 years, more American veterans have died by suicide than the number of American casualties during the whole of the Vietnam war? Many Americans have heard about the veteran suicide crisis but probably believe that the only major factor involved is mental health problems.

A new study has come out in BMJ that shows that there is a strong active link between veterans’ untreated pain and suicide. This study follows recent research from last year that showed a strong link between veteran suicide and pain intensity.

There is strong evidence now to believe that a large factor in the deaths of so many veterans is due to their chronic pain being undertreated.

This suicide crisis goes along with the terrible stories and experiences of a countless number of chronic pain and intractable pain patients. Numbers of people have been forcibly tapered and abandoned by their doctors.

In this video, we go through these statistics and some personal stories of people affected by opioid prohibition.

If you are struggling with depression or having suicidal thoughts please get help immediately.

You can contact the suicide hotline @ 1-800-273-8255


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