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Unlocking the Hidden Cause of Chronic Illness: The Power of Energy Medicine. Dr Erik Robbins

Dive deep with Dr. Erik Robbins as he reveals the often overlooked world of parasites, chronic infections, and how they stealthily undermine our health.

In this eye-opening episode, Dr. Robbins shares his journey into the realm of energy medicine, where muscle testing and energetic signatures offer groundbreaking insights beyond traditional blood work.

Discover how understanding the body’s energy can unveil the root causes of conditions like Epstein-Barr virus, SIBO, and Candida, which conventional medicine frequently misses.

This conversation is a must-watch for anyone seeking to explore the depths of natural health solutions and the transformative power of quantum energy and frequencies.

Join us as we explore the cutting-edge of holistic healing and how tuning into the body’s subtle energies can lead to profound wellness breakthroughs.

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About Rob Rene: Rob is a health expert with a passion cultivated early in life as a National champion and Division 1 college runner. After a near-death experience ended his running career, Rob climbed the corporate ladder at numerous Fortune 500 companies before uncovering many of the failings and deceptions in modern medicine. Through his research, he’s become a Frequency Specialist and avid all-natural health enthusiast, serving as the CEO of a health solutions company.

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