Chronic Pain Video

Unlocking the Deeper Layers of Chronic Pain The Gateway to Better Treatment

In this podcast episode, sports physiotherapist and lifestyle expert Jaap Wonders discusses the several aspects of successful lifestyle interventions as part of the treatment plans in physiotherapy practice. He outlines the guidelines on proper sleep hygiene, diet and other important factors to take into account when prescribing a healthy lifestyle. We discuss the challenges of adopting healthy habits and what we can do about this.

00:00 intro
00:45 Why the interest in Lifestyle?
02:50 How to deal with unhealthy lifestyles
05:52 Failing to meet movement goals
10:43 Movement snacks
12:28 10K Steps a Day. What’s the deal?
17:55 Recommendations on Nutrition
20:55 Healthy vs unhealthy Protein
24:55 The importance of sleep
31:16 How we address stress
36:09 Positive Stress
38:15 Mindfullness
39:05 Cold Showers
42:10 What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?
47:22 Lifestyle interventions in chronic conditions
58:00 3 steps to a healthier lifestyle
01:03:20 Closing thoughts
01:05:08 Outro

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This is not medical advice! The content is intended to be educational only for health professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional.