Chronic Pain Video

“Understanding Chronic Pain Helped Me Get Pregnant” – Former Endo Patient Andrea Wax

This empowering episode tackles four complex taboo subjects that women often deal with in silence until they show up on the fertility journey — vulvadynia, painful sex, thyroid dysfunction and menstrual pain. Getting a diagnosis of endometriosis to address these interconnected conditions requires persistence, patience and perseverance. If you’re struggling with pain or have experienced unexplained miscarriage(s), this episode is for you.

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0:30 Explaining vulvodynia – having unexplained, mysterious pain begins a frustrating health journey

09:00 Discussing pelvic floor therapy as a holistic aspect of working through endometriosis pain

10:30 Overcoming worry about endometriosis surgery

13:00 A holistic approach to address pain and inflammation in the treatment of endometriosis

23:00 Using foods as “fertile medicine”

25:00 Finding courage to try to conceive following surgery

27:30 Remembering the two lost pregnancies

32:00 Husband comes for acupuncture to increase the chance of success

35:00 Endometriosis excision surgery

40:00 Anti-inflammatory foods

45:00 Meeting with fertility specialist Dr Kelly Baek for answers

47:00 Thyroid health plays a vital role in becoming and staying pregnant

50:00 Achieving a successful pregnancy through personal empowerment feels different

53:00 Life threatening problem occurs after labor and delivery

57:00 Helping women advocate for better care and treatment of chronic pain and endometriosis

59:00 Summary and reconnecting with surgeon Dr Laurence Orbuch