Chronic Pain Video

Types of Back Pain

What types of back pain are there?

What types of back pain occur so kind of a huge topic so many people have low back pain so I can be
1. it can be acute pain or something just happened
2. that can be chronic pain pain that has been there for a really long time
3. musculoskeletal pain (AKA Mechanical Pain)
4. it can be you have a pinched nerve in your spine of causing your back pain
5. Cancer
6. Constipation
7. Organ Pain
all pain really happens because your nervous system is telling me that something is going wrong on this silly that there is pain don’t really have pain signals we have something that saying hey I don’t like what’s going on here or do something about it and its telling your brain something’s wrong your brain is was telling you that there’s pain and that is always going to be your nerves are doing that