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Triple R – Stop the Pain – A Remarkable Approach to Pain Relief!

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What Can Triple R Do for You?

Relief: Pain Relief
Relax: Muscle Relaxant
Repair: Expedite Recovery

Either from an illness or injury, pain can simply wear you out, physically and emotionally. It makes it seem as though everything in life requires extra effort. Simple activities; getting out of bed, walking to the mailbox, tying your shoes, and opening jars can be frustrating and excruciating. Although there are many causes of chronic pain – past physical injuries, disease, and dietary or nutritional deficiencies, one thing all forms of chronic pain have in common is inflammation and cellular damage.

Science of Nutrition –
This formula contains carefully selected ingredients that can provide true nerve-blocking analgesic effects and inflammation reduction to help you complete the healing process. To achieve complete recovery and healing from injury or trauma involves clearing “cellular memory”.

The main ingredient in Triple R is known to restore the original DNA blueprint, effectively clearing all cellular trauma memory.

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