Chronic Pain Video

Treating Firefighter’s Chronic Pain With Stem Cells #shorts

He has been a firefighter for 31 years and Anthony Pernicano has been living with chronic pain for four years. Nothing has helped. He has dedicated his life to saving others, so when he reached out, I knew I wanted to help save him from pain.
Anthony has three degenerative conditions. Craniocervical instability (CCI) is underdiagnosed and can be the root cause of not just chronic neck pain, but headaches and dizziness too. I have seen it in young gymnasts and elderly people, so it can affect people of all ages. The digital motion x-ray (DMX) is used to confirm diagnosis and then we treat the ligaments in hopes of strengthening and stabilizing them.
Anthony is hoping to delay hip replacement and I’m hoping today’s mix of stem cell, peptide and exosome treatment helps avoid a replacement altogether. Anthony should be feeling much better in 4-6 months.

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