Chronic Pain Video

Treating Chronic Pain and Anxiety Using Spirituality

Do you feel like the “spirit” part of mind/body/spirit is lacking in your life? Have chronic pain for no reason? Experiencing mental health challenges where you’ve tried “all the things” but just can’t seem to figure it out with western medicine – or even mindset shifts?

This podcast interview dives deep into why spirituality is important, where spirituality and psychology meet, and how spirituality helps so many health conditions.

We also talk about how to EMBODY your spirituality through meditation, and make it tangible in your BODY (and life!) – instead of just having spiritual experiences once in a while.

Tune in to learn more about spiritual health, energy medicine, and shamanic healing. I also bring an Ayurvedic perspective on the Koshas and how to think about our bodies when it comes to how spirituality affects health.

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