Chronic Pain Video

Treating 3 Years Of Upper Back Pain With Bostock Needle Technique

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Thank you for watching my videos. I hope they help you get better quickly.
If your pain / dysfunction / medical issue is NOT RESOLVING OR HEALING please consult your trusted practitioner.

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“Welcome to The Nerve Needle Guy channel, where you’ll learn about a revolutionary treatment for chronic pain. My name is Jim Bostock, and I’m a physiotherapist/pain specialist with over 19 years of experience specializing in musculoskeletal pain, strain counter strain manual therapies, visceral manipulation, and energy healing work.

I founded the Bostock Institute in Brisbane, Australia, where I treat nearly 4000 people a year who come to me for chronic pain they’ve been enduring despite having gone through the medical system. My treatment, the Bostock Needle Technique, targets and releases nerve locks in muscle and nerve fascia that are often missed by other therapies.

My mission is to share this new concept for pain and problems in the body that don’t make sense and chronically limit the way people want to live. Pain that debilitates and creates unhappiness in life. Through my clinical studies and anatomy studies over 19 years, I’ve compiled data from over 100,000 resets, making it a very consistent and valid treatment that works for people.

This innovative concept has led me to work with incredible people all over the globe from top tier athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs and the general public from all walks of life.

On this channel, you’ll find educational videos on chronic pain, nerve locks, the Bostock Needle Technique, and more. Subscribe to join the community and learn how to truly heal and be free of pain and dysfunctions.”