Chronic Pain Video

Transforming Perspectives on Chronic Pain Management: Opioid Dependence to Rehabilitative Therapies

Are you ready to have your perspective on chronic pain management radically transformed? Brace yourself as we embark on a journey exploring the intricate terrain of chronic pain with our distinguished guest, Dr. Sandra Jim. We scrutinize the distressing opioid crisis and its ties to the current fentanyl and heroin upheaval, shedding light on the precarious position doctors often find themselves in, distinguishing between genuine pain sufferers and medication addicts. As we traverse deeper into the subject, expect revelations about emerging changes in pain management, notably the shift from opioid dependency towards more comprehensive approaches like physical therapy.

With an impressive wealth of knowledge, Dr. Jim unfolds specific strategies for managing back pain and rehabilitation, particularly for those afflicted by lower back pain due to disc injuries. As we venture together in understanding the notorious sciatica pain and its subtypes, you’ll gain insightful tips on alleviating the discomfort through identifying and maintaining a neutral posture.

In our concluding segment, we explore the subject of disc herniation and its impact on exercises. Ever wondered why certain exercises might exacerbate the condition instead of relieving it? Dr. Jim breaks down why hamstring stretches, sit-ups, curls, and squats with a ‘butt wink,’ might pose more harm than good for individuals with disc herniation. We also shed light on Cauda Equina Syndrome, a severe condition that necessitates immediate attention and careful consideration when deciding on surgical interventions. This episode promises to equip you with essential knowledge on optimal postures, motions, loads, and exercises for healing injuries and maintaining a healthy spine.