Chronic Pain Video

Top 10 Reasons For Chronic Pain After A Knee Replacement

If you’re still having pain months or years after a knee replacement, Dr. Dave Candy and Dr. David Middaugh @epmanualphysicaltherapy share 10 reasons why you many still be having pain.

In this video, you’ll learn:
0:00 1 – Lacking Knee Extension
0:37 2 – Weak Glutes
1:22 3 – Stiff Calves
2:08 4 – Hip & Foot Pain
2:54 5 – Pes Anserine Tendons
3:18 6- Saphenous Nerve
4:01 7 – Improper Nutrition
4:20 Failed Knee Replacement Program
4:59 8 – Weak Foot Muscles
5:44 9 – Anxiety & Depression
6:18 10 – Stiff Quads

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Dr. David Middaugh’s Failed Knee Replacement Recovery Program

Dr. Dave Candy’s Book:
Chronic Pain, You’re Not Just Getting Older, You’re Not Crazy, and It’s Not All In Your Head

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