Chronic Pain Video

This muscle often causes neck pain – here’s how to stretch it easily! πŸ™Œ

Today Roland and Ina will show you a few simple and effective stretching exercises that will help you release tension in your neck muscles. ✨ You can easily perform these exercises at home without any special equipment or prior knowledge.

πŸ’ͺ Let us help you STRETCH
β†ͺ︎ Back Hero β–Ί
β†ͺ︎ Neck-Hero β–Ί
β†ͺ︎ Knee-Hero β–Ί
β†ͺ︎ Foam Roller Set β–Ί
β†ͺ︎ Osteopressure Tool β–Ί
β†ͺ︎ Jaw Hero β–Ί
β†ͺ︎ Stretching Strap β–Ί
β†ͺ︎ Back Hero β–Ί

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