Chronic Pain Video

Theta Meditation | Meditate to alleviate chronic pain | Meditate to Eliminate chronic pain

Theta Meditation to alleviate chronic pain. Meditate to Eliminate chronic pain.
Theta Binaural wave is well-studied and proven effective in reducing anxiety and chronic pain. Theta waves provenly work with dreaming, short-term memory, and a meditative state.

We all know that when we drive on the highway we often fail to recall what we saw on the way during the last 10 minutes, for example; the reason behind this is the focus of our brain on driving and resulted achieved THETA STATE.

Theta waves are provenly excellent for meditation. The easiest way to achieve focus is through deep meditation.

Once the Human Brain is in Theta State by virtue of Theta Binaural waves/ Music, Pain goes away!

Try your level best to achieve focus with regular practice.

The use of high-quality headphones for optimal results is recommended.

Choose to practice in a calm, and comfortable place and position preferably in the morning or at late night with an empty stomach.

Try to reduce your intake of all types of sugars and alcohol to maintain balanced blood chemistry.

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