Chronic Pain Video

The Unpredictability of Daily Life With Chronic Pain

Yesterday, I was dancing, but today I couldn’t walk more than one block without the support of my walker. What a paradox. Yes, I’ve had to learn how to navigate the unpredictability of not knowing if tomorrow will be a good or bad day, or if a crisis could strike at any moment, triggered by something unknown… I’m constantly trying to understand my own body and mind to avoid pain, but sometimes it’s inevitable. When it happens, all we can do is embrace it, accept it as an honorable guest, and treat it with care, so we can move through the crisis as quickly as possible. Be kind to yourself; it’s all part of us, our history, our struggles, our baggage, our pain—everything must be loved and cared for. Wishing you all the best! From one warrior to another, much love. 💗

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