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The surprising connection between fascia, chronic pain and overall wellbeing with Melt Method fou…

How familiar are you with your connective tissue, also known as your fascia? If you listened to season 14 you heard me talk some about it, particularly in episode 6 where we talked about how transverse exercises are so helpful to our connective tissue and important for preventing injury.

In fact, I’ve been so fascinated by this tissue that in my book, Your Worthy Body, acknowledgments to my three men, I said “being the husband and children of a health geek isn’t easy. You hear way more about the fascia than you want and I know I’m bossy in the gym.” (All true, by the way)

But, I haven’t had an opportunity to talk with an expert on fascia on the show – until now. My guest, Sue Hitzmann, literally wrote the book on fascia and connective tissue. 

Sue brings so much information on our connective tissue and the conversation took an unexpected but fascinating turn when we talked about the connecting between your fascia and gut health. 

We discuss:

• What is fascia, and how it differs from other connective tissue
• Are there different types of connective tissue
• Why your water and fluid intake isn’t correlated with how hydrated your connective tissue is
• How to hydrate your fascia 
• The connection between hydrated connected tissue and your gut health
• What happens to our fascia as we age
• How collagen supplements can help your connective tissue
• Why knee pain and issues may be helped with hydrating and focusing on your fascia 
• The connection between our connective tissue and emotional pain and stress
• The 4 Rs Protocol of connective tissue care
• The relationship between altered tension in connective tissue and pain
• How MELTing can be incorporated into an already busy lifestyle

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