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The Root Cause Of CHRONIC Neck & Back Pain: How To Heal Chronic Pain  For Longevity | Galahad Clark

Are chronic aches in your knees, back, or neck holding you back? Contrary to widespread belief, this is not a normal part of aging. Many factors contribute to chronic pain, but one unspoken area could be a part of the problem: your shoes.

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Galahad Clark to discuss how our modern-day footwear could be an overlooked area contributing to chronic pain. Dhru and Galahad discuss how conventional shoes restrict our feet’s natural shape and movement, making them weaker, and how this impacts the rest of our bodies. They also discuss the environmental impact of the shoe industry and why we need a radical shift toward a more sustainable solution.

Galahad Clark is a visionary entrepreneur and sustainability advocate who is revolutionizing the footwear industry with his innovative approach to crafting eco-friendly and socially responsible shoes. Galahad inherited a deep appreciation for shoe craftsmanship and quality design as a seventh-generation shoemaker and descendant of the Clark Shoes enterprise. A degree in Anthropology matched with his family background, eventually led Galahad to create the minimalist, environmentally conscious barefoot shoe company Vivobarefoot. Vivobarefoot is on a mission to make the world healthier by designing footwear that allows our feet to function the way they were intended to.

In this episode, Dhru and Galahad dive into:
-Dhru’s experience with chronic knee pain from wearing conventional shoes
-How modern-day footwear contributes to knee, neck, and back pain
-The connection between foot and brain development
-Top types of shoes that contribute to chronic pain
-The many functions of the “great” toe
-Why bunions are not hereditary
-How barefoot shoes help strengthen the feet
-The benefits of walking barefoot
-The three areas that make Vivobarefoot shoes unique
-A look at how footwear has evolved throughout human history
-Navigating the adjustment period to barefoot shoes
-Galahad’s story and why he started Vivobarefoot
-Trends in sneakers and footwear continue to get worse

Also mentioned in this episode:
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-Made-to-order shoes: (available in the U.K.)
-Vivobarefoot online store:

For more on Vivobarefoot:
-Instagram @vivobarefoot
-Twitter @vivobarefoot
-Facebook @vivobarefoot
-YouTube @vivobarefoottv

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