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The Relationship Between The Pandemic Chronic Pain and Racism

Thank you to ALL those in the Soul Food Whānau who follow me closely enough to know that the last couple of months have been more challenging than usual (find out why inside). I am in less pain than I have been for months, AND I am still recovering … from everything.

You guys have sent your loving, healing vibes, cyber hugs and lots of DMs that so far have mostly gone unanswered as I’ve had to pull back to the most essential (which always prioritises my own health and tolerance for being kind through pain, and the wellbeing of my patients, above all else). I do apologise to anyone in the Soul Food Whānau who I left hanging, across the different platforms we inhabit (LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok). I hope you know that I love and value, every single one of you and I truly FELT the loving vibes! x

Anyway, I explore here the strange relationship between my experience of chronic pain, racism, and those now feeling shunned in the panic over the “number nineteen” virus. Those originating from countries where it has hit hardest (I am avoiding naming it, due to social media censorship of the word in places..yep, for real).

Apologies for the many, many transitions in editing this. I am so sorry, but take it up with YouTube who are still restricting my vlogs to 15 minutes (boooo!! lol) I wanted to edit out everything superfluous, but it’s choppier than I would’ve liked. Not much I can do about that. But hey, it’s still free content…maybe if I switched to Patreon, I would be able to upgrade my kit…But I don’t think you want to pay for this…do you? I probably won’t find out – because, as this kind of discussion brings out the anumanu (igbo word, look it up!) I’ll disable comments here. I love the potential for intelligent discussion, so I am sorry about that, but I don’t have the time or energy right now to police a thread…x

Thanks for watching, and for reading this!

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