Chronic Pain Video

The Relationship Between Posture & Pain – Mini Lesson – Hibernating Bear Tai Chi Qigong

How you hold yourself in your habitual posture matters. Know that a prolonged sedentary lifestyle and sitting for long periods is awful for your health. It is likely that you will experience an increase in physical pain levels when you hold a poor posture over time. This video is from one of my Hibernating Bear Tai Chi and Qigong classes, where we look at how Tai Chi and Qigong movements can help improve your posture, and in turn reduce your pain experience.

Posture & pain
Tai Chi for chronic pain
Self managing chronic pain
Standing posture in Tai Chi & Qigong
Living well with chronic fatigue
Student experience of Qigong and chronic fatigue
Hibernating Bear Tai Chi and Qigong for chronic illness
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* Please note that the Taoist practices Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation are not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Please speak with your doctor prior to starting a new exercise programme. This video must not be taken as medical or exercise advice, it is for entertainment purposes only. No liability accepted for following the content of this video. Follow at your own risk. *