Chronic Pain Video

The Neuromatrix of Pain by Dr. Trey Vanek

During the February 2024 Pain Science Lecture Series, Dr. Trey Vanek presented his lecture titled, “The Neuromatrix of Pain,” which explores how pain signals are processed by the brain. Specifically, he discussed the dynamic interplay between reception, transmission, perception, and modulation of pain.

Dr. Vanek is from Pennsylvania and attended the University of Pittsburgh for his undergraduate studies, earning a degree in Neuroscience. He attended West Virginia University for medical school and residency in Anesthesiology, where he served as the chief resident this past academic year.

00:00 – Lecture Begins
3:29 – Intro
6:34 – What is pain?
9:11 – What is the point of acute pain?
11:36 – What is chronic pain?
14:10 – Where can we experience pain?
17:16 – Modulation
18:32 – Theories of Pain
32:15 – Neuromodulation
38:53 – CBT for Chronic Pain Management
42:05 – Lecture Ending

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