Chronic Pain Video

The Link Between Chronic Illness And Unresolved Attachment Trauma

Have you ever noticed a pattern in your life?

A pattern with choosing the same type of people in relationships.
A pattern of not being able to say “no” and exhausting yourself.
A pattern of pushing people away when they get too close.

Whatever the pattern may be, I’ve learned to start paying attention to them.

When we do— there’s a gold-mine of opportunity for healing.

In my 20 years as Chiropractor working with people with Chronic health issues,
I kept noticing patterns in my patient’s symptoms that tied to certain personality traits.

It was such an intuitive connecting of the dots, that I almost felt
like I would be considered a complete QUACK for bringing it up with people.

It wasn’t until I started reading Gabor Mate’s work that I felt like my intuition was being validated.

I noticed here’s an uncanny link between Chronic Illness, Pain and unresolved Trauma.

The weirdest pattern I would see over and over again— which led me to scratch my head asking this question:

“Why do all my chronic illness/pain patients seem like they’re in co-dependent relationships as well?”

Little did I know that years later, I would be teaching people how to become their own medicine…

Not only learning how to heal from these chronic conditions by becoming their OWN medicine…

but also in a weird way seeing the impact of their own inner work spilling into their intimate relationships.

When Randi reached out to me, she was in the “Damsel in Distress” Archetype again and again in relationships…
which ultimately led to feeling abandoned again and again…

Little did she know when she began her healing work in our Cyclebreakers Community that
her inner work would end up creating a possibility of healing for her daughter as well…

A transformation in her health,
A transformation in her family dynamic….

leading to meeting a secure partner for the first time in her life.

In this video, Randi shares the specific shifts she needed to make,
all for the purpose of letting her story inspire you.

If you’ve been stuck in Co-dependency, feeling unworthy and abandoned…
wanting an answer that actually WORKED,

check out her story here.
You’ll learn the exact steps you will need to make the shift in your own reality,
if you’re willing to do the work.

Your guide on the side,
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