Chronic Pain Video

The Impact of Pain & You Can Heal!

Are you living in pain? Whether strong, dull, sharp, numbing, localized or pervasive, pain has the debilitating and frustrating impact of limiting you in some capacity. It alerts your nervous system of the “danger” within which zaps your energy, making you feel weary and fatigued. This lethargy can often show up as a lack of motivation or a sense of being undisciplined and unsuccessful in life. This can often lead to feelings of sadness and depression. Pain limits your range of motion, making you feel uncomfortable and awkward, limiting the choices and adventures you can have in your life. This can affect your self-confidence. Pain can make you wonder if there’s a bigger health problem, causing you to be uncertain and unsure of your overall health and creating anxieties & fears. This may keep you up at night, tossing and turning due to both the physical discomfort and the mental and emotional strain and restlessness that come with it.

Pain also costs time and money. There are the monetary and time spent visiting doctors, the loss of pay because of missed work, not to mention the potential missed opportunities in your work and career. This can create fears and insecurities, resulting in additional stresses in life. Pain can cause other emotional disturbances, such as a quick temper, a bad mood, and a constant presence of frustration and anger. This can result in feelings of guilt and regret on the one hand and a sense of despair on the other because no one seems to understand what you are going through. Chronic pain is an invisible disease and many people suffer alone.

Overall, pain creates a situation where you feel disempowered in many aspects of your life. And on top of that, you may think there’s not much you can do to resolve the pain you feel, regardless of how hard you’ve tried. You may have seen a number of doctors, taken various medications and endured their harmful side effects. After all that, you still may not have conclusive information as to the cause of your pain, much less a sustainable cure. You then conclude fearfully that you may be stuck with this pain for the rest of your life.

You are not alone. You can resolve your chronic physical and emotional pain and enjoy freedom from suffering. The methods I have created are fast, effective, and natural. I can help shift you from a place of pain to a life of play. www.NoPainAndSuffering.Com