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The Connection Between Perceived Threat (Stressor) and Pain (Migraine)

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The Connections Between Stress and Suffering
Pain is strange in that it is non-linear and quickly becomes amplified over and above what is happening in the tissues.
A leading definition emerging from the latest research is that pain emerges when your brain decides something is unsafe.
At the core of the experience of pain is a decision made inside you by the thread detection systems, the immune system, and by the brain. Pain is like a warning signal saying “something is not right here”, to tell you to do something different.
As Paul Ingraham states, in his article, Sensitization in Chronic Pain, ‘pain is, at a very fundamental level, all about your brain’s assessment of safety: unsafe things hurt.
If your brain thinks you’re safe, pain goes down.’

Hypervigilance, Allostatic Load, and Migraine Prevention
If you’re trying to help an acute headache — or a pattern of headaches over time — you should be focused on reducing trigeminal hypervigilance.