Chronic Pain Video

The Chronic Pain Crisis is the Opioid Crisis

For decades, opioids were marketed as a safe option to treat chronic pain. As the number of people with chronic pain began to rise, the number of people addicted to and dying from prescription opioids also began to rise.

What started as a chronic pain epidemic has evolved into our opioid crisis. To address the opioid crisis. We first need to find nonpharmacological solutions to chronic pain. Over the past few years, major health care agencies such as the CDC and the FDA have recognized that non-pharmacological approaches should be the first line of care to manage chronic pain.

New studies have indicated that there is a reason to be hopeful. Non-drug care options such as chiropractic are very effective at helping people reduce pain. Even people with severe chronic pain have benefited from the care that chiropractors can provide.

Here are a couple of key facts to take away.

Chronic low back pain will affect up to 20% of people over the age of 18.

Cooperation between your medical doctor and chiropractor can yield the best results with your care. Chiropractic has been shown to provide better outcomes than care in a pain clinic alone. The change in recommendations to nonpharmacological based treatments to care is unprecedented in health care.

We can not undo the damage that’s been done, but we can learn from the past and work together to overcome chronic pain with safe and effective care, to find relief without the dangerous side effects and addiction issues that we’ve seen related to opioids.

Our practice is proud to work and collaborate with other health care providers who also provide a natural approach to pain management. If you would like to explore a natural option for the treatment of your pain, give us a call.