Chronic Pain Video

The Art & Science of Mindfulness in Chronic Pain Management

Join host Jawaria Suhail on The Non Clinical MD as she converses with the insightful Elizabeth Kipp, diving into the intricate interplay between chronic pain, the mind, and the nervous system.

The challenge faced by chronic pain patients extends beyond the physical, engulfing them in a cloud of negativity, chaos, and an unyielding tension. Elizabeth highlights the hypervigilant state of their nervous systems and the paramount importance of tailoring meditation practices that consider this heightened sensitivity.

With an enriching blend of chanting, movement, breathwork, and trauma-informed techniques, Elizabeth offers a beacon of hope to those enveloped in the hopelessness of chronic pain. Drawing from both yogic practices and the modern understanding of neuroscience, she navigates the delicate balance of body and mind, ensuring every individual feels seen, heard, and empowered.