Chronic Pain Video

The 3 Step Visualization Practice For Back, Piriformis & Sciatica Pain Relief

Changing the way you view and react to your pain can change the pain itself. How so? Pain is an experience created by your brain to protect you from some perceived OR actual threat/danger. Learning to view your symptoms in a more playful and lighthearted way helps deactivate the pain signals.

To begin changing how you view your back, butt, or sciatica pain and neutralizing your reaction to your symptoms… try this 3 step visualization process.

Step 1: Engage in a position or activity that causes you to feel tolerable symptoms. This could be sitting, walking, gardening- really any activity where symptoms are present. If symptoms are too high, this will not work… they must be tolerable.

Step 2: Observation. Paint a rough picture of what your symptoms feel like and where. Perhaps you experience numbness, tingling, burning, achiness, throbbing, or symptoms that move and shift or around. No need to be too intense about this… just getting an idea of what’s going on in your body and where.

Step 3: Creative visualization. Practice using your imagination to view your sensations as something safe and familiar. If you experience throbbing pain, perhaps you visualize symptoms as blinkers on the car… if symptoms are growing and shrinking or moving around- perhaps you see them as balloons. Other examples you’ll find inside this video.

How you view your symptoms can change how you experience them.

The goal of this practice is NOT to change the pain or symptoms- rather just observe them in a more curious, lighthearted, and playful way using the faculty of your imagination.

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