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Tailbone Pain Exercises for Coccyx Pain Relief and Muscle Spasm

Physiotherapy tailbone pain exercises with 4 stretches for muscles that can cause coccyx pain. Michelle from guides you through these gentle exercises to relieve tailbone pain as well as pelvic relaxation education to relieve pelvic muscle spasm.

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Coccyx movement is one reason why the tailbone can feel sore with prolonged sitting or with constipation and straining to empty the bowels. The coccyx sits at the base of the spine and usually curves forward under the body. The coccyx bone can move slightly forwards and backwards for example when sitting it moves forwards.

Some pelvic muscles can move the coccyx forwards (coccygeus) and backwards (gluteus maximus). Simple stretches can relieve tailbone pain by releasing muscle tension and spasm in some of the muscles related to movement of the coccyx. These muscles include coccygeus, gluteus maximus as well as ilipsoas, piriformis and the hamstring muscles.

These Physiotherapy stretching and relaxation exercises may be performed regularly within range of personal comfort to help relieve pelvic pain associated with muscle shortening and spasm. A short pelvic floor relaxation routine is included after the pelvic stretches. Pelvic relaxation is ideal as part of overall management of tailbone pain.

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References: Mohanty, P.P. et al. (2017) Effect of stretching of piriformis and iliopsoas in coccydynia Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, Volume 21, Issue 3, 743 – 746

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