Chronic Pain Video

Tackling Chronic Pain by Remembering Health

🌟 Unlock Your Inner Power: Overcoming Chronic Pain Naturally 🌟
Struggling with chronic pain? Feeling like you’ve tried it all without success? The solution might be closer than you think, and it’s within YOU. In this empowering video, we dive deep into the science of managing chronic pain through your own internal resources.

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🧠 Discover the Science Behind Healing 🧠
Explore the untapped potential within your brain that can revolutionize the way you experience chronic pain. Scientific findings and real-world experiences converge to reveal powerful interventions in pain psychology that can make a profound impact on your journey to well-being.

🌈 The Pain Matrix Unveiled 🌈
Understand the intricate web of sensations, emotions, and thoughts that make up the pain matrix in your brain. We’ll take you on a journey through 40 brain regions involved in pain processing, shedding light on the crucial role of positive experiences in managing chronic conditions.

πŸ” Tap Into Your Internal Gold Mine πŸ”
Learn simple yet effective ways to tap into the resources you already possess. From tailored exercises and social connections to self-compassion and the magic of remembering what it’s like to be healthy, these techniques can reshape your brain’s response to pain.

πŸ’ͺ Reprogram Your Brain for Wellness πŸ’ͺ
Discover the transformative power of reprogramming your brain to react differently to pain signals. It’s not a quick fix, but with dedication and practice, you can change your pain perception and embark on a journey to a pain-free life.

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πŸš€ Embrace the Journey to Wellness – You’re Stronger Than You Know! πŸš€

00:00 Stuck in Pain and Resources inside
00:34 Inner Resources vs. Pathology
01:55 Pain Matrix
02:58 Training the Brain
03:40 Resources 1: Exercise
04:03 Resources 2: Socializing
04:24 Resources 3: Self-Compassion
04:31 Resources 4: Remembering Health

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Our mission is to provide you with scientifically proven, cutting edge psychological knowledge so you can regain responsibility over the quality of your life and lead into a direction of sense and meaning. We know that you are the expert by your own means and want to provide you with the knowledge of the specialists so you can better deal with the chronic pain and side effects like anxiety and depression. #gideonfranck #chronicpain