Chronic Pain Video

Symptoms and chronic diseases

Please understand this 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Making your diseases your teacher will bring you to a place, far richer than you can imagine.

Anyone who has chronic pain is extremely desperate to just have less symptoms, but that intention is often not strong enough to cause any real change.

The invitation of our diseases are alot deeper than this.
They ask us to transform and evolve into a new human being who has realized their potential.

This is a path only a few people are willing to walk.
But it is a path of awakening, a path of becoming limitless.

The healthcare revolution that humanity needs is not one that promises quick fixes & symptom relief, but one that fundamentally encourages you into self-empowerment.

It is one that is allowing you to reveal yourself more and more and to birth yourself completely a new.

So being symptom free can only be a side effect of this transformational journey. 🦋