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Successful Chronic pain therapy, is about HABIT modification, it is not a quick fix.

Sterling Structural therapy, SST, is a lifestyle modification, habit forming approach to chronic pain treatment.
We believe I order to make chronic pain go away, and STAY away, one must overhaul compensatory behavior acquire during years and sometimes decades of pain.
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Sterling Structural Therapy

How do you know if a fascia-based treatment approach is the right ft for you?
HINT: if you have had a MULTITUDE of treatments, specifically geared towards where you feel your pain… and still suffer from chronic pain, it may be time to look into a Fascia-based approach to assessment and treatment!
Have you had your Myofascia system assessed?

find out for yourself what results you could get; a giant majority of people experience 25%-75% relief in symptoms at their consult.
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We work Virtually with people from all over the globe 🌏 πŸ™‚ providing Virtual Fascia-base therapy that delivers exceptional results, all from the comfort of your home.
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Sterling Structural Therapy

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