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Studying the role of delta opioid receptors in chronic pain modulation QPRN | RQRD

The mission of the Pain Network is to contribute through basic, clinical, evaluative and epidemiological research to the improvement of the quality of life of Quebecers who suffer from chronic pain.

Tired of the troublesome side effects of morphine in chronic pain management? Imagine a safer alternative. Delta opioid receptor-acting drugs hold promise, but how exactly do they work in our bodies, particularly in primary afferents for pain relief? Moreover, can they potentially alleviate the issue of morphine tolerance? This can be addressed in Heba’s PhD research project.

Heba Mohamed is a third-year PhD student in the Physiology program at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke. Heba is pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Louis Gendron and it’s about studying the role of delta opioid receptors in primary afferents in chronic pain modulation using transgenic mice models and pain behavioral tests. Her dedication to research was recognized with the prestigious Best Poster Presentation Prize at Journée Phare in 2022. Heba holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Suez Canal University in Egypt and continued her academic journey with a Master’s degree in the specialized field of pain research, also from the same institution. Her academic journey is complemented by her practical experience in Egypt, where she worked as a teaching assistant at Sinai University’s Faculty of Pharmacy. She also worked as a Pharmaceutical Inspector in the Ministry of Health and as a pharmacist at the medical center of Port Said University.

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