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Stressed? Relieve anxiety and pain in less than 10 minutes | Colleen Wynia, Energy Coach

Are you Stressed? Feeling overwhelm, anxiety, anxiousness, chronic pain in your low back or other parts of your body?

Often low back pain indicates your foundation in life is being rocked, like the carpet is being pulled out from under you.

Imagine, 10 minutes to FREEDOM!! Follow my guidance to learn a simple, powerful breathing method to FREE Your Body in 10 minutes or less.

Scroll to the (2:45) mark to learn a fast method to improve your dreary mood state and lift it a notch or two or three!

Are you an expert at listening to what your body ultimately wants and it’s internal wisdom? I’m talking about knowing what it needs to inspire the greatest level of energy in your body, ease anxiety and pain, bring peace, ignite self care by fueling your body and mind with exercise, movement and whole foods, ideally plant-based nutrition that does you good long term and supports flexible movement and strength.

In this video I share a quick story of my client who argued and complained and was frustrated with herself. Finally she opened to receive energy bodywork, incorporated some simple breathing, and allowed my magic to stream into every cell of her body.

Who am I? How can Colleen help you?

I’m a ‘RESET Energy Coach’, Spiritual Intuitive, and holistic health educator. I help people FEEL GOOD again and Navigate through Life Transitions to Create a Life they Truly Love to Live.

I inspire my clients through powerful transformation to Connect with their Truth, Passion and Confidence to:

❤️ Improve your nutrition and vibrancy
❤️ Increase your financial freedom
❤️ Transform Anxiety, Pain, Doubt, Fear
❤️ Align your energy on track with your true passions
❤️ Transform grief & loss into joy and happiness
❤️ Communicate with Your Loved Ones Who Died

Along the way I help you better understand crazy spiritual experiences, signs from the Universe and messages from your loved ones who transitioned.

Each of us are spiritually awakening more and more each day. By simply being OPEN to the realization that there’s more going on that you cannot see of always understand, As You align your body and soul to love your life as it is TODAY you will feel more love, healthier & happier, magnify more abundance do you and possibly recognize that you’re never alone in this MASSIVE Universe!!!

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