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Sticky Beliefs Keeping You From Healing Chronic Back Pain?

Breaking beliefs surrounding your back, butt, or sciatica pain is often the first step to resolving it. Now, it may sound silly or like a waste of time… after all, “how do you break a belief?”… but it’s important to be sure that the beliefs you holds are accurate and not holding you back from healing.

What do I mean by this? For example, let’s just say that you you’ve been told and believe that sitting up tall is the best way to sit. But at the same time, sitting up tall and bending backwards make your symptoms worse. What do you listen to… your symptoms or your belief?

For many people, beliefs are fixed and symptoms are variable. And forcing yourself to move or position yourself in certain ways because of belief could actually be keeping you from healing.

What if slouching feels best? DO IT.
What if you believe that the best exercise for a herniated disc is the McKenzie Press-up… but they’re not working? STOP IT and you may just find that bending forward feels best.

So many beliefs are floating around which may be keeping you stuck.

Write them down… What do you believe about your pain? What things have you been told or led to believe are “right” or “wrong?” Consider what would change IF the opposite of these beliefs were true…

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