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Spiritual Nuggets – From Pain To Gain

Rev Albert Kang – From Pain To Gain
If you need a healing miracle, this testimony of Rev Albert Kang will encourage your faith to receive your own personal healing. Having been diagnosed with an inherited autoimmune disease, this pastor went through ten years of chronic pain.
Medically, ankylosing spondylitis is incurable. The inflammation of the spine and joints would grow worse and ultimately cripple the victim.
For all those years, Pastor Albert believed the medical diagnosis and had given up hope of being restored to a totally painless life… until he met Pastor William Lau of The Elijah Challenge in 2005.
There was a paradigm shift in his belief and the total healing miracle happened in 2007.
What happened and why Pastor Albert is now no longer in pain and in turn, ministering healing to others?
How did the Lord turn His ministry around and give him a totally new perspective in ministry?
How effective is this ministry that applies the “Two-hand Punch” approach?
Can this happen to you?
Since 2005, Pastor Albert and his wife, Rev Grace Kang, witnessed more than 10,000 healing miracles in their ministry.
Can this happen to you in your ministry?
May this 13-minute testimony be an encouragement and a blessing to you.

The Elijah Challenge
Monday night training by Pastor William Lau
14 November 2022
7:15 PM
[This is an ongoing training and you are welcome to participate through Zoom at 7:15 PM [Malaysian Time – UTC+08:00]

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