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Social Security Disability Hearing on Monday

This post originally appeared on Reddit: CRPS group.

Just over the phone or with video calling? Do you have a lawyer or are you representing yourself?

I had mine a couple years ago, I can tell you what it was like. It was over video conference simply because that’s apparently easier for the judge to see more people. My lawyer sat next to me in person and told me beforehand to simply answer his questions as honestly as I could, she told me what he was likely to ask, and to describe to him just how limited my activities were. He was very kind. The Hearing eventually got sidetracked after he looked at a mental evaluation from about 5 years previous that said I was suicidal and incredibly depressed, and recommended drastic changes or hospitalization (which never went anywhere because I ended up finding something to help the pain so the suicidal ideation calmed down and I hid it better) so he sent me to a psychiatrist who declared me mentally sound. The Judge then decided he didn’t like the first Disability doctors report because he hadn’t examined my legs where my pain is, so then to an internal medicine Dr familiar with crps afterwards who told me point blank it was ridiculous they thought I was supposed to work when I can hardly walk across a room on bad days. After that the Judge finally approved my case. Overall it was a long journey, but worth it and I found my lawyer and the judge to both be really helpful and kind during the process.

This post originally appeared on Reddit: CRPS group.

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