Chronic Pain Video

#Shorts – There can be more to life than simply living with #pain

There can be more to life than simply living with #pain. Here’s why I believe (from my own lived experience) that we should be aiming for more.


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Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy is the leading physiotherapy practice in Wokingham treating clients/patients at our Wokingham clinic, Verney Grange.

We’re passionate about many things, but you’ll learn from our videos that high on our passions is using the power of touch (manual therapy) and understanding the root cause to not just manage the symptoms of chronic pain, chronic illness and injury; but to treat the underlying reasons for your condition that you may not consciously be aware of.

We’ll be using this channel to offer thoughts, guidance and learning to hopefully help you understand your mind and body better and live the life you deserve. And if you live in the Wokingham, UK area, if you need a little helping hand or two, our practice is always open to help new clients.

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