Chronic Pain Video

Short Fuze – The Chronic (Pain) (Official Music Video)

“The Painkiller Boutique” / UN-72
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Written and Performed by Short Fuze.
Produced by Dr. Khil.
Mixing and Mastering by Uncommon Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC.
Directed and Filmed by Short Fuze.
Edited by Samurai Banana.

Drawn from a broken stencil
my end view is in the rear view
endeared through as a stolen rental
focused mental pushes my physical mettle
dreams of biomechanical metal
fed through my exoskeleton
tattoos scribed on my skin
to distract from my melanin
pain swings like an anchored pendulum
molecular structures of muscles
hustles down a beaten path
my face hides the pain
underneath an uneven mask
every day my strength is leaving fast
reaching for the flask and pain pills
my souls crushed, the pain kills
my brain aims faith at the strained ills
my body is an anvil
steps are mountains climbing up an anthill
sleep is a scant thrill, crawling to a stand still
my fight against the chronic pain
is done with moxie, every second mocks me
coupled with cerebral palsy
the countdown to death haunts me
moments of relief taunt me
in a hospital bed on the mend, breaths paltry
the sun rises again
feeling saucy after sponge baths
return to the streets ducking gun claps
whatever god owes me, he better run that
in the next life, I want a stunt man
until then, I’m in a psychotic stance
hoping to rebuilt as a bionic man

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