Chronic Pain Video

Sending love to all of you dealing with chronic pain

Sending love to all of you dealing with chronic pain that’s a result of unresolved childhood trauma and chronic nervous system dysregulation.

I have a lot of empathy for those of you that have been through the ringer of Western medicine.

I used to see clients like you all of the time and would not have enough time in the physical therapy world to address the root causes like you really needed.

Now I do after 17+ years of filling in the gaps of what my western science (Physical Therapy) education left out.

It’s all led me to my work now that I continue to see touch every client and create sustainable results.

With the combination I use now, which includes Somatic ReparentingTM, nervous system regulation and the Safe & Sound Protocol, I’m confident we can unwind these deep seated patterns of trauma and dysregulation.

It just takes your willingness and commitment to a new level of self care and somatic awareness.

My 2 group programs are now open for enrollment!

🌹1. STUDENT TRACK (6 months):
Foundations of Healing: Reparenting, Resilience & Reclamation of Power is for those committed to truly sustainable personal healing
🦋Link :

🦋2. PRACTITIONER TRACK (9 months):
Somatic Reparenting MethodTM Facilitator Training – includes both personal + professional development.
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*Both programs now include nervous system hacking with the Safe & Sound Protocol.

This work is about embodying the wisdom and practices to transmute high levels of emotional intensity, understand how to influence your physiology and therefore your emotional reality on command.

Each intimate group acts like the vehicle for that breakthrough you’ve been wanting!