Chronic Pain Video

Self Pressure Vs Living Sacrificially & Chronic pain.

Today’s question for my series “You Ask, I Answer” was from Anna:

“What is the difference between Self-Pressure Vs. Living Sacrificially?”

Since Self-pressure is one of the most powerful sources for Chronic Pain, Fatigue or any symptom, it is really important to look at this. This is especially important as believers because God does call us to love.

The driver behind your actions matters, and your body never lies. If fear is your driver, then your body will respond with symptoms.

For a brief list of what might be considered self-pressure, read below.
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I feel the responsibility to:
_____ Say the right thing
_____ Be perfect
_____ Keep everyone happy
_____ Never be judged
_____ Look put together all the time
_____ Be in good shape/ look pretty.
_____ Never be wrong.
_____ Produce a perfect product on the first try.
_____ Keep everyone comfortable.
_____ Always make the right decision.
_____ Get everything on my list done – NOW
_____ Do everything efficiently & effectively.
_____ Say “yes” to everything & everybody.
_____ Never need God’s grace.
_____ Always be liked.
_____ Should do what other people want.
_____ Always agree with people. Not rock the boat
_____ I should hide my opinion/ or my preference.
_____ Never make anyone feel uncomfortable.
_____ Never inconvenience anyone.
_____ Etc.


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