Chronic Pain Video

Self Advocacy for Neuropathy & Chronic Pain

We’ve all been there – sitting in a doctor’s office, listening to a well-educated professional say something that makes us feel like our confidence is fizzling like our nerves. Ever had that moment where you think, “Do they even know what they’re talking about?” So, what’s the plan?

Linda has been itching to create this presentation on self-advocacy for what feels like ages. The spark ignited when she noticed people receiving discouraging messages from their doctors and health providers, like “there’s no cure,” “Neuropathy is just in your head,” or being brushed off with a dismissive “it’s not that serious.” It’s time to empower folks to stand up for themselves!

Linda Petiot, President of the Calgary Neuropathy Association, dives into the art of advocating for yourself in this video, helping you gear up for those doctor visits and squeeze the most out of every appointment.

Topic Timings:
00:00:00 Previews
00:00:53 Agenda
00:01:17 Self-Introduction of Linda Petiot
00:04:05 Self-Advocacy
00:06:03 Peripheral Neuropathy is Complex
00:07:59 Patient Rights
00:09:22 Patient Responsibilities
00:10:50 Your Local Healthcare System
00:15:04 Meet Sally & Jean
00:17:30 Poor History impacts
00:19:04 Asking Questions is Hard!
00:20:18 Eight Steps to Advocacy
00:21:03 1. Organize
00:24:40 Organizing: Why is it important?
00:25:51 2. Educate
00: 28:53 Educating: Why is it important?
00:31:05 Medical Professionals who can help
00:32:29 3. Plan Ahead
00:38:56 Planning: Why is this important?
00:39:58 4. Appointments
00:43:18 Appointments: Why is this important?
00:43:56 5. Ease Your Load
00:45:34 6. Stand up for yourself
00:47:57 Be Assertive, not Aggressive
00:53:17 7. Do you need an Advocate to come too?
00:56:50 8. Always follow up
00:57:58 Medical Gaslighting
01:00:37 Summary & References
01:00:59 Sample questions

About Linda Petiot:
Linda’s journey with the CNA began in 2015 when she stepped into the role of Vice President, eventually ascending to the position of President. But her dedication to community service doesn’t stop there. Before joining us, she lent her expertise to Scouts Canada, wore multiple hats at the Riverbend Community Association, and even spearheaded the creation of a playground as Secretary of the Parent Association for Dr. Oakley School.

Beyond her volunteer work, Linda brings a wealth of professional experience in business application requirements analysis & design, process development, and technical writing. As fate would have it, she transitioned away from her professional role just as the pandemic swept through North America in March 2020, redirecting her focus and energy into the CNA’s mission.